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Your Photographer: Jen

  1.  I have always been crafty. Name a craft and I have probably done it!

  2.  I am a Friends fanatic. I have watched all 10 seasons at least 6 times.

  3.  I love coffee and messy buns, but hate wearing socks.

  4.  I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yes, I said it! They are awful. Give me Salted Caramel Mochas any day, or Diet Coke!

  5.  We have a corgi named Cora aka Crazy Cora

  6.  I had three jobs (at the same time) my senior year of high school, one being the Manager of a gas station deli.

  7.  We named our oldest daughter, Austyn, after a Blake Shelton song. My husband is still convinced to this day, that Austin was the name of the woman.

  8.  I love my family more than I could ever say. I have an incredibly supportive husband who is seriously my biggest supporter. I also have four beautiful children who have begrudgingly been my models while I have been practicing to perfect my skills. Luckily they work for cheap! 

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